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National Safety Production Month: Sanwei Group launches factory safety production training meeting

Time: 2020-09-18 17:25:23
Brief introduction: This training conference was launched with the background of "National Work Safety Month" to interpret the cases of major fire accidents in Shangqiu, Henan 12.17 and 7.12 explosion accidents in Yibin Hengda
June 2019 is the eighteenth "Safety Production Month" in China. In order to implement the country's safety production policy and implement the safety production responsibility system, we will create a strong atmosphere of "safety management, everyone is responsible" in the company, June 6 Sanwei Group launched a special training meeting with the theme of "Safety Production Training and Prevention—Preventing Risks, Eliminating Hidden Dangers and Containing Accidents" in the conference hall of the new office building. Dong, general manager Su, department managers, production plant directors, and production workers participated in this training event.

This training conference was launched with the background of "National Work Safety Month", and interpreted the serious fire accident in Shangqiu, Henan Province on December 17 and the 7.12 explosion accident in Yibin Hengda, and issued the "Notice on Safe Production and Civilized Office" of Sanwei Group, and Developed the company's fire prevention measures and primary fire prevention and rescue plans; at the training meeting, Chairman Wang emphasized the importance of factory safety in production, requiring all departments to familiarize themselves with fire equipment and arrange regular fire drills.

At the end of the meeting, President Su summarized and requested that each department set up a company safety team and identify the responsible person; each position should not leave after six hours; the office area and production area should be investigated and dealt with in a timely manner. Requirement for smoking bans for employees; Immediately after the meeting, safety production will be the company’s normal focus in future work.
In order to implement the awareness of safe production, on June 7, President Su led a group of factory directors, workshop directors, team leaders, logistics directors, packaging group leaders, technical directors, and purchasing department directors to form a company safety team. Factory safety on-site identification meeting, go deep into the factory for safety inspection, investigation, and improvement requirements. The on-site meeting is recorded by Director Wang of the Administration Department. The safety team and a group of personnel dispatched to each area of ​​the workshop to conduct safety production inspections, and pointed out the factory’s existing hygiene problems, Clean up emissions and potential safety hazards, and require the person in charge of the problem area to carry out standardized rectification within the specified period.
Sanitation and safety inspection of packaging workshop
The holding of the Sanwei Group’s safety production conference training and on-site confirmation meeting further improved the Sanwei Group’s safety production emergency plan system and promoted the further implementation of safety production responsibilities; greatly enhanced factory employees’ awareness of production safety and enhanced their ability to prevent and reduce disasters. Effectively curb production safety accidents, firmly establish the concept of people-oriented and safe production, and put safety in production in a more important position. In the future safety management work, Sanwei Group will pay more attention to deepening employees’ job safety awareness and emphasize safe and standardized operations , Strengthen the implementation of safety standardization, truly implement the standardization work, and bring the safety management level of Sanwei Group to a new height.